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November 20, 2021

The Cubie Maths reviews are in.

What our customers say about their Cubie maths books.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
We love hearing how your little ones are getting on with their Cubie booklets!  If you have some feedback for us, we would be delighted to hear from you, either via email or via our social media channels.


  • “Harry loved receiving his first Cubie box and was desperate to get started! We have found the workbooks engaging and easy to use and even better he doesn’t need persuading to do it! He asks to get it out straight after school everyday and the work is set into manageable daily chunks so it’s not overwhelming for him. The face it is not on a screen is a big plus for us!” Vikki


  • “I let Gabriella (5yrs old and in year 1) open the box and explore Cubie herself. She was immediately engrossed and sat concentrating as she worked through the first booklet, whilst I cooked dinner. She asked a few questions, but mostly the books are so intuitive to follow, she just got on with it. When dinner was nearly ready she proudly announced that she had completed 3 days worth of activities and had earned several stickers for her chart. I sat down with her and we went through what she had done and talked through the odd occasion were she had misunderstood the question.Now when she comes home from school and asks to put the TV on, I encourage her to do 10 minutes of reading, writing or maths and she goes straight for her Cubie box. If you are looking for an educational alternative to screen time, then I would definitely recommend checking out Cubie.” Rosie


  • “Skye absolutely loves her new Cubie box, and we can’t wait to recommend it to all of her friends at school!” Em


  • “Someone was excited to receive a little package from Cubie Education in the post today.  I never expected Louie to want to do extra Maths on a Friday after school. Topped off with a first sticker on the reward poster.” Paul


  • “It’s so easy for Tim to use and work independently. We have a few other workbooks we use but Tim often needs help with the lengthy instructions. The workbook had lovely symbols including the simple and concise instructions which has helped Tim work through the activities by himself and has boosted his confidence. No doubt maths can be tricky at times but we want our boys to adopt a more positive attitude and not be afraid of trying things out.  We love this box. My 5yrs old enjoys working on the booklet and we just had his first term report he did very well in his numeracy.” Ijeoma


  • “It’s a brilliant way of engaging children in Maths tasks without overwhelming them. He’s loved the short exercises that’s reinforced the Maths he’s been learning at school. Because he’s able to complete the tasks, he’s grown in confidence and has enjoyed them! Plus, who doesn’t love a sticker!” Michaela
Check out the different Cubie levels we have available to see which one is suitable for your child. – 
The Cubie Team