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Inside the Box

Box Contents

You will receive a new Cubie box in the post at the start of every month. The box will contain everything your child needs to complete 4 weeks’ worth of Cubie. This means no hunting around for pencils, rubbers or trying to find stickers to reward your child for their hard work. This screen free programme also means no printing is required.


Screen free learning from the comfort of your own home (or away). Our handy A5 booklets are the perfect size to transport or be kept at home. The four booklets in each box contain enough work for approximately 15 minutes of work each day – that equates to 5 hours every month! The intuitive style and layout is child-friendly and accessible and provides the foundations for a comprehensive understanding of Maths from the very start.

Throughout the booklets you will see the icons below. These are to help guide your child with the activity on a page.


Use their Cubie pencil to either trace or write their answers in the booklet.


Use their voice to read or say the words or concepts on the page out loud.


Children will draw a line to match two corresponding numbers, words, images or patterns.


Use colouring pencils to complete certain Maths tasks.


Simple, accessible and minimal instructions are provided, enabling children to work as independently as possible, following the icons and examples on each page. The parent’s book provides information on key concepts, words and ways to extend and stretch as well as full sets of answers. These are now online and accessible via the QR code on the welcome card.

Stationery and Extras

Each Cubie Box includes a Cubie branded pencil with eraser top. Rulers, counters, toy coins, dice are also supplied when required.


Every month a new Cubie reward poster and pack of stickers will arrive. At the end of each day, a sticker can be stuck on the chart as a sign of their achievement. As well as this, the booklet has a tick reward chart so you can keep track of your child’s progress through each booklet.

Choose a level and subscription and enhance your child’s learning today!