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How does it work?

Practice makes permanent

With just 10 – 15 minutes of work each day (5 hours per month), your child will cover all the essential National Curriculum Maths content they will need to become confident in the subject.

From £29.99 per month, this is a fraction of the cost of a private tutor. All of the levels provide a thorough, cyclical, fun and intuitive way for your child to gain and develop key Maths skills, covering and building on what they have learnt at school.

The ‘little and often’ approach is well-documented to provide children with an in-depth understanding and long-lasting skills. Cubie also allows children to develop positive learning habits, independence, and maintain routine (especially in the school holidays).

Instructional videos are available in our member’s area to explain new Mathematical concepts.

Lots of top tips and questions to ask your child are available in the parents’ books. These are now online and accessible via the QR code on the welcome card.

Colour coded

Children follow the colour coded bar at the top of each page, guiding them on which activity to complete on that day of the week.

The end of the day

When they see the ‘stop’ sign, they stop for the day and add their reward stickers to the sticker chart.


After 4 weeks, they will have completed a whole Cubie Box and reward chart and can start again when their new box arrives.

Cubie Levels

We currently have four levels on offer (A-D). These follow the National Curriculum and run in parallel with the school year and can be started at any point during the year. Our Levels are focused on giving children a strong foundation to build upon, week after week and month after month.

Cubie Levels

Choosing a Level

Select a plan which is suitable for your child and their learning. The Cubie programme is designed to work in line with the National Curriculum for Reception (Level A), Year 1 (Level B), Year 2 (Level C) and Year 3 (Level D).

If you child has recently finished one of these years and you feel they would benefit from recapping what they have learnt, or making sure they have a solid foundation of the skills, they can complete that programme. Alternatively, if your child is working in line with their year group, they can start on the level according to the year they are in currently.

Getting it delivered

A new Cubie box, with everything you need, will be delivered to your door every month. This will contain enough work for 10 – 15 minutes per day and we recommend working Monday to Friday with the weekend off. The colour coded stripes at the top of each page are a guide and we understand that busy families may wish to adapt how you use the booklet to suit your lifestyle.

(If you subscribe annually, you don’t need to worry about reordering, your new box will be dispatched and arrive automatically. If you subscribe on a month to month, your next box will be dispatched unless you cancel your subscription.)

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Top tips for Cubie success

  • Find a quiet, flat space for your child to work;
  • Set a time in the day when your child will complete their Cubie (the same time every day if possible);
  • Put the reward chart on a wall so it is visible and accessible;
  • Encourage your child to follow the colour coded bar at the top of the page so they know which pages to complete each day;
  • Stop for the day when they see the stop sign;
  • Look out of the icons at the top of each page which provide instructions;
  • Allow your child to use their intuition to work out what they need to do on each page – this will build self-esteem and confidence.
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