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About Cubie Education

Cubie’s philosophy

Cubie was created to offer the chance for children to complete 10 – 15 minutes of Maths every day. The benefits of daily practice are numerous, including: increased confidence, increase in knowledge and understanding, practicing skills and the development of Maths concepts from the very start.

Cubie is here to revolutionise learning Maths in the Early Years and Key Stage 1, providing a little and often, accessible approach to Maths.

Cubie provides convenient and accessible educational help so that parents can see their child improve, gain confidence and thrive. The hard work put in at the beginning of the educational journey will only serve as great foundations as they move onto the next stage.

Providing strong foundations for success is a cornerstone to Cubie’s philosophy.

From our founder

Having been a teacher for 10 years, and with two Master’s degrees – one in Education and one in Psychology, Lottie moved to one-to-one private tuition to provide a more tailored approach to her teaching. Seeing the benefits of the little and often approach and the use of repetition and the reinforcing of key concepts, Cubie was born as a way to help parents help their children. From the earliest stages of a child’s educational journey, confidence is key. Cubie is a complete Mathematical programme which aims to instil confidence and a joy of learning Maths from the off.

Supported by her husband, also a teacher, and a team of Maths and early years and Key Stage 1 specialist teachers, Cubie was created and developed to help as many parents as possible support their child’s learning and development.

Designed with children in mind

The layout is clear, simple, colour coded and easy to follow. Icons are used throughout to show the child what sort of action is required on each page. The minimal instructions allow for the development of a child’s intuition and skills. The workbooks give parents a screen-free approach to home Maths support which are all paper-based and delivered straight to your door for your convenience.

Setting key Mathematical concepts in stone requires repetition. This results in positive daily habits of learning and development. We know, and believe, like everything in life, repetition is required for mastery.

If you are interested in a screen-free approach to learning Maths, which boosts confidence and independent learning, check out our Cubie Boxes.

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Supporting the environment

Delivering a world of opportunity

At Cubie, we believe that sustainability should be the norm. We are committed to reducing as much waste and plastic as possible in our supply chain. We print our booklets and boxes in small batches to order this eliminates waste and focuses on the quality and sustainability of all elements of the Cubie boxes.

All our boxes and booklets are made from recycled or FSC accredited paper sources and are fully recyclable.