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10-15 minutes of screen-free Maths for children aged 3+

Boosting confidence and maths skills, using a little and often approach.
Fun, motivational and educational and delivered to your door.

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Welcome to Cubie

Daily screen-free maths, covering the Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 National Curriculums, delivered to your door at the start of each month.

Cubie’s ‘getting ready for school’ pack is perfect for those children starting reception for the first time. This one-off Cubie pack includes a booklet, pencil, stickers and ruler.

Cubie was created to help you help your children with their maths at home.

Cubie provides 10-15 minutes of maths reinforcement every day after school (or before if you so wish!). The Cubie booklets follow the National Curriculum and reinforce maths concepts taught at school.

Cubie is also perfect for children educated at home. The booklets cover the whole National Curriculum over the course of the academic year, so can be used as a stand-alone programme.

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How it works

Weekly workbooks containing 10-15 minutes worth of work to complete each day.

Pick a level

Select a level suitable for your child, working in line with the National Curriculum.

Choose a plan

Subscribe on a month by month or annual basis (cancel at any time).

Free delivery

A new Cubie box is delivered to your door every month and contains everything you need for fun, independent learning.

Cubie levels tailored to your child

Weekly workbooks containing 10-15 minutes worth of work to complete each day.

What's inside your box?

We have done all the hard work for you! A fully packed box will arrive with everything you need to support your child's learning. You just need to make sure they don’t complete it in one sitting!


Four weekly children’s booklets each covering 5 days worth of learning.

Parents' Instructions

Online and accessible via the QR code on the welcome card. Answers, top tips and more!


Includes a branded pencil with eraser. Rulers, counters, toy coins, dice will be supplied if needed.

Reward poster

A poster and stickers will be in each box. Place a sticker on the poster for each complete day.

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Why pick Cubie?

Our boxes and flexible subscriptions make fantastic gifts either as monthly subscriptions or gift plans for friends, family or grandchildren.

  • Following the colour coded layout, children work on their Cubie booklet for 10-15 minutes each day.
  • Booklets are created by teachers from classroom and educator experience.
  • Activities designed to reinforce learning at school, provide extra practice and extend learning.
  • All made from recycled materials.
  • Screen-free learning from the comfort of your own home.
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Subscription plans available

Choose between 1 and 12 month packages, with the option to cancel at any time!

£35 for a one-off box

or from

£28.33 per month

Need some help with your Cubie box?

Visit our FAQ page for the most asked questions

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